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Welcome to Bolton Beach House

Here's a guide with everything you need to know to make your stay in Bolton Beach House the best one yet. Scroll down for exclusive experiences only available to Luxury Lake George guests, Check out the full list of Luxury Lake George Vacation Rentals that you can explore! 


Our property managers, are more than happy to make your stay as incredible as it can be! Upon request, they can provide recommendations, perform general maintenance, create dinner reservations, walk you through your home, troubleshoot electronics, answer questions about nautical navigation, and so much more! Need assistance? Just ask! We're here to help you in any way possible. 







Rules & Policies

Bring all outdoor cushions indoor during rainy or otherwise inclement weather.

Clean and scrape the grill after each use. Remove any food that may fall into the grill.

Only park vehicles in the driveway

(NO street parking at anytime)

Properly bag and dispose of any pet waste

All garbage should be disposed of properly in trash cans as it is generated. Do not leave trash on the floors, in the sink, in the hot tub, in the showers, or any other improper location for any period of time

If you do not know how to use an appliance or electronic, consult the guest manual or contact the property manager before attempting use.


Contact the property manager immediately if an item breaks or does not work as expected.

If an item appears to be dysfunctional, do not attempt to fix the item and leave it alone until the property manager arrives.

Have no more than 8 people in the hot tub at any given time.

No food or drink allowed in the hot tub

Cover the hot tub after each use

Do not remove any items from the home at any point

during your stay.

No traditional/ electronic smoking inside of the home.

No illicit drugs or behavior of any kind at any point during your stay. 

Cover the grill with the protective cover after each use.

Please treat our home with care and respect, so we can continue providing the best service

You are only allowed one vessel on your dock. We can guarantee that your spot will accommodate a vessel no more than 25 feet in length and no more than 8.5 feet in width. If you are interested docking a slightly larger vessel (e.g., a Pontoon), we have larger spots available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please contact our property manager for details.

Keep the docks and the area around the docks free from litter and miscellaneous items. If you bring something into the space, we expect you to carry it out.

Please pick up and properly dispose of any pet waste.

You may not be intoxicated or impaired in any way while on the docks or in the dock area.

This is private, but still shared space. Please be respectful of others in the area.

Excessively loud noise is not permitted. The dock space is located next to private homes, so please be mindful of your actions.

Report any damage to the docks or dock area to your property manager immediately

Remove all equipment and non-motor items from the water while not actively in use.


Failure to comply with these rules may result in the loss/ reduction of your security deposit. You may incur additional charges in the event that your deposit does not fully cover the cost of repairing excessive damage to the property or the items belonging to the property

Luxury Lake George Properties

Here is a sneak peak of all the wonderful homes in our portfolio. We pride ourselves on our five-star amenities, customer service, and superior interior design. Any one of our homes would be excellent choice for your next vacation, and we hope you consider booking Luxury again and again!

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