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Lily Pad Float Rental (8 x 16 ft)

who said we couldn't walk on water?

A Bit More Information

** NOTE: Guests will need to pick up and drop off the Lily Pad in the shed at the Bolton Shores Docks. The Lily pad can NOT be taken to or from the homes. The Lily Pad may be picked up no earlier than 9 am and dropped off no later than 9 pm on the day of its rental. Directions to the Bolton Shores Docks can be found on your home's iPad (Volo device) OR by pasting this link into your browser: ** Dive into endless fun and relaxation with our Water Lily Pad rental! This expansive 8 x 16 ft water mat is a favorite among both kids and adults, providing a fantastic floating platform for enjoying the water and soaking up the sun. To access this exciting experience, guests will need to pick up the Water Lily Pad from the shed at Bolton Shores docks as early as 9 am on the date of your chosen rental. From there, the day is yours to make the most of this awesome water mat. Whether you're seeking a comfortable lounging spot or an awesome place for playful water activities, the Water Lily Pad offers endless possibilities for aquatic enjoyment. At 9 pm, it will be time to wrap up your aquatic adventure. We kindly request that you return the Water Lily Pad to the shed at Bolton Shores docks, ensuring its availability for other guests to enjoy in the future.

  • 75 US dollars

Cancellation Policy

In order to keep our service as efficient as possible for all of our guests, we are unable to accept cancelations or returns.

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