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Luxury Lake George

where rustic meets sophistication

My name is John, and I am the founder and CEO of Luxury Lake George. We've spent countless hours designing, renovating, and crafting the stunning homes in the Luxury Lake George portfolio. We want to provide your family with the best amenities and most spectacular vacation rentals that the lake has to offer.  Each of our six magnificent​ properties is minutes away from the shoreline and includes direct waterfront access with dedicated 24-foot dock space. Additionally, each newly renovated property features an oversized hot tub, wonderful outdoor lounging space, a decked-out game room, and so much more. But these incredible amenities, prime location, and exclusive lake access are not what make staying with Luxury Lake George an unparalleled experience. Above all else, we believe that each property should feel like home, and we have spared no expense in creating this home for you and your family. Our property managers go above and beyond to ensure your stay is truly unforgettable; we give you their personal contact information upon check-in, so all you have to do is call! When you stay with us, you are not just booking a beautiful vacation in the heart of Lake George— you are booking a truly incredible experience.


John Lasalandra
Founder and CEO

welcome home.

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Our Partnership with Northern Living

Katelyn is the accomplished owner and CEO of Northern Living, a dynamic force in the hospitality industry since 2007. With a relentless dedication to excellence, Katelyn has propelled Northern Living to unparalleled heights in the world of vacation rentals and property management.


Under her visionary leadership, Northern Living has earned the distinguished title of #1 in the Region for Vacation Rentals and Property Management, setting new standards for service and guest experiences. 


In 2020, Northern Living entered into a successful collaboration with Luxury Lake George, playing a pivotal role as Luxury Lake George's exclusive booking platform from its inception.This collaboration has further solidified Northern Living's reputation for excellence and innovation in the field.

Katelyn Moskos

CEO Northern Living

Luxury Lake George Team

meet the people who help make your stay excellent

Sustainability at Luxury Lake George

At Luxury Lake George, we are committed to blending luxury with sustainability, creating an eco-conscious and environmentally responsible experience for our guests. Our dedicated Sustainability Specialist oversees various initiatives that prioritize the well-being of our beautiful Lake George and its surrounding environment.


Recycling and Waste Reduction

Our Sustainability Specialist ensures that recycling practices are a top priority in our vacation homes. We have implemented effective waste reduction strategies to minimize our environmental impact.


Temperature Control and Energy Efficiency

We've adopted energy-efficient solutions to control temperatures and reduce energy consumption. This not only contributes to our sustainability efforts but also enhances the comfort of our guests.


Eco-Friendly K-Cup Options

For our coffee-loving guests, we offer eco-friendly K-Cup options, reducing single-use plastic waste while still providing a delightful morning coffee experience.


Beekman 1802 Products

We proudly provide Beekman 1802 products for all our guests. These high-quality, natural products ensure a luxurious and eco-friendly self-care experience during your stay.


Supporting Local Businesses

We are strong advocates for supporting local businesses in the Lake George area. By promoting and partnering with local establishments, we aim to contribute to the growth and sustainability of our community.


Shopping Bags

To encourage eco-conscious choices, we offer reusable shopping bags to our guests, making it easier to support local businesses while reducing single-use plastic waste.


Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies

We are committed to a clean and green approach. Our cleaning processes use only non-toxic cleaning supplies, ensuring a healthy environment for our guests and our beautiful surroundings.


Supporting Hometown Heroes

We proudly support local initiatives like the Alpha Win Triathlon, celebrating and acknowledging the dedication and accomplishments of hometown heroes.


Lake Protector: LGA

We are a Lake George Association (LGA) Lake Protector, actively participating in efforts to preserve the purity and natural beauty of Lake George.


Septic System Upgrades

To safeguard our pristine surroundings, we've updated all our septic systems, ensuring responsible wastewater management.

At Luxury Lake George, we are continuously exploring new avenues of sustainability, striving to minimize our environmental footprint while maintaining the utmost luxury and comfort for our guests. Your stay with us not only promises opulence but also a genuine commitment to environmental stewardship.


we         our community!

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Childhood Cancer Society

Esteemed Partner & Supporter 

We know how difficult it can be for families battling childhood cancer. As part of our partnership with the Childhood Cancer Society, we help send brave children to Disney World every year so they can take a break from treatments and have fun! We help mom and dad relax, too, by gifting a weekend getaway in one of our beautiful homes.

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Primary Contributor & Supporter

Bolton Holiday Home Tour

The Bolton Holiday Home Tour benefitted the Hyde Collection, one of the Northeast’s exceptional small art museums with distinguished collections of European and American art. We decorated our homes for the tour, which was so popular that it sold out! We're happy to have helped an Institution that preserves the integrity of historical artwork.



Proud Member


Proud Member


Lake Protector

Official Sponsor

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